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Monday, 3 June 2013

Poori (A fried flat bread)

This is a fried flat bread, enjoyed mostly by kids. One of my daughter's favourite.

After posting Potato masala recipe, if i don't share with you all, the recipe of Poori, you won't be able to enjoy the complete taste of the dish. 

You all might be knowing how to make a poori. But i would like to share my recipe with you all... who is new to cooking and doesn't know how to make them.

There are some tips while making puffed and soft poories. Check my notes given below.


1 cup Whole Wheat flour
1/2 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
Water as required
Oil for deep frying

  • Put whole wheat flour in a bowl. Add oil and salt.
  • Pour water little by little and knead it into a soft and smooth dough.
  • Keep this aside, covered with a damp towel at least for 15 minutes.
  • Heat oil in a kadai.
  • Take small balls out of the dough, roll it just like we roll for roties.
  • When the oil is hot, put the rolled poories (one at a time) in it. It will puff up. Turn them and when both the sides become golden brown colour, transfer them on a tissue paper.
  • Serve them hot with poori masala.

  1. Use less water while making the dough. 
  2. While rolling the dough, spread little oil on them. Don't use wheat flour, which we normally use while rolling for roties.
  3. Fry poories in batches ie, roll 5 - 6 roties at a time and fry them one by one when the oil is hot.
  4. When you put the poori in the hot oil, slightly press it with the spoon. It will puff up. Immediately turn them upside down. Press slightly again. When it turns golden brown colour, take off from the oil.

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  1. Yum yum yum.. Looks so tempting :)
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  2. I will totally have to make this now:)

  3. Incredible deep fried beauties, drooling here.