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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Garlic Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a type of pasta. Pasta's come in different shapes and sizes. All are called by different names. Pasta is an Italian food.

This is my version of a Spaghetti dish inspired from 'Spaghetti Aglio e Olio'. The original dish has pine nuts and parsley in it. I have slightly modified it. I have fried garlic till it is dark brown colour, but not burnt. It tastes wonderful in this dish. 

For a non-veg version, you can add cooked chicken pieces in it.


1/2 packet Spaghetti
15 - 20 Garlic (thinly sliced)
5 tbsp or more Coriander leaves
5 - 6 tbsp Olive oil
2 tsp Chilli flakes
1tsp Black pepper powder


  • Boil about 10 cups of water with salt. When it comes to a boil add the spaghetti in it. (Usually, the direction on how to cook the spaghetti will be written on the packet)
  • Don't break them, just insert them in the boiling water. After some time, the portion which is in the boiling water will become soft and the rest will go down into the water.
  • Let it be in the boiling water till the spaghetti is cooked Al Dente (check the notes).
  • Drain the water and keep aside.
  • In a pan, pour olive oil and add garlic to it. Heat it in low flame.
  • When the garlic turns golden brown colour, add chilli flakes and saute for a minute.
  • Take off from heat and pour it on the cooked spaghetti. 
  • Add good amount of coriander leaves and black pepper powder in it.
  • Mix well and serve it hot.

    What's Al Dente? 
    Al Dente is an Italian word for 'to the teeth' and it refers to pasta that is cooked just long enough that it is neither crunchy nor too soft, and its texture appeals to the teeth.

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    1. wow...that is simple and yummy spagetti

    2. Love garlic in Spahgetti ! Looks wonderful!

    3. Wat a simple,easy and aromatic spaghetti..

    4. Ahh.. That's a simply & flavorful spaghetti :)