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Friday, 1 March 2013

Fried Ice Cream

For a long time, I wanted to try this dessert, but was always afraid that it wont come out nice. At last, I gave it a go....and yes!!! it came out awesome. The only thing is that we should be very quick while frying.

The taste is really great. Hot crunchy outer covering with soft, creamy, cold lava oozing out from inside. I would suggest whoever is feeling reluctant in trying out this dessert must really give it a try. Its worth guys...Go ahead and try once...Its mind blowing !!!!


4 scoops of Ice Cream (any flavour of your choice)
5 tbsp. Maida/All purpose flour
Water as required
Cornflakes (crushed) as required
Oil for deep frying

  • Take a bowl and mix maida and water to make a thick consistency batter. Keep this aside.
  • In a plate, spread the crushed cornflakes. Keep this aside.
  • Take the scoops of ice cream one at a time, out of the freezer and dip it nicely in the maida batter.
  • Roll it in the crushed cornflakes nicely and place them back in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  • Heat oil in the kadai and put the coated scooped ice cream (which we had kept in the freezer) one at a time.
  • When the outer covering changes its colour, carefully take off from heat and directly serve it.
  • Drizzle some honey or chocolate sauce on top of the fried ice cream.

  1. Take out the coated scooped ice cream only when the oil is hot.
  2. The frying will take only few seconds, so keep an eye while frying the ice cream balls.

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  1. i can see the ice cream oozing out yumm , my fav dessert

  2. i tasted this years back and loved it, but never tried this at home. your version looks fab.

  3. i've always wanted to fry icecream... never tried it...
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