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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Birthday Cake Decoration

This is the first birthday cake that i baked and decorated for my daughter on her birthday. I used the vanilla cake as the base. Made two of them and stacked them one on top of the other by spreading some butter cream icing in between.  My baking tray was bit small and when i stacked the two cakes, one on top of the other, the finished cake looked small in width but had good height.

Covered the whole cake with the icing using a butter knife. Took three portions of the icing and added chocolate, green and pink food colour in them. Mixed well and put them in individual piping bag with star nozzle. 

Decorated the sides of the cake with chocolate icing and made roses with the pink coloured icing. Made leaves with green coloured icing. Sprinkled some fruit flavoured vermicelli on top and placed some chocolate shavings on top. Wrote the message "Happy Birthday Nithya" using tempered chocolate filled in a piping bag. Really enjoyed playing with the icing ;)

I definitely enjoyed decorating it. I was completely out of the world when i saw the finished cake. Really happy... 

It may not look like a professional cake, but when you create something of your own, you will be so happy and proud. That was how i felt. My daughter was so happy to see her birthday cake and was not able to express her happiness in words that she just hugged me and told "Its great Amma". We shared the cake with her friends. We all liked the cake a lot, especially Nithya and Dhanya, that the cake got finished on the same day - only the cake board was left :)

Here's some snaps of the birthday cake that i made.... Hope you will enjoy watching them....

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  1. Beautiful birthday cake Nimmi :) my bithday wishes to the little princess... Love the icing and I am sure she must be so happy

    1. Thanks Priya. I will convey your wishes to her. She was really excited to see the cake. It was actually a surprise when she came back from school. ;)

  2. Beautiful cake. My belated birthday wishes to your daughter

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