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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My First Blogiversary!!!

Hi Friends and Viewers.......

Today is a special day for me.

I have completed 1 year of blogging.

When i started writing this blog on the same day, one year back, i didn't think that i will go this far and will be able to post these many recipes. But today, i am thankful to my husband, who gave me encouragement, to write this blog and also to all my friends and viewers for giving me support. Also thankful to my family and my kids, for tasting my dishes and giving comments.

Till today, i have written more than 190 posts, 28 friends who joined me, 57 FB friends and has more than 16,000 viewers. I am happy that i could be a help to all the people around the globe, who love cooking and try to experiment new recipes.

I would appreciate your support and encouragement in the future too. So don't forget to join my blog and post in your comments and feed backs

On this special day, what do you think i should share with you all......

A sweet dish? A side dish? A cake? A starter?......nah.....

iam not going to share anything simple....I want to make it special....

How about sharing an OIL FREE non veg dish on this special day? Don't worry veggies, i have not forgotten you.....The same recipe can be made with vegetables too....Happy, friends?

Keep checking my blog....I will be posting this special OIL FREE dish after some time.....

Thanks for visiting
Happy Cooking!!

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