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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Happy Onam to all !!!

It was our Onam festival two days back and we had a very nice time. We decorated our corridor with a flower carpet (pookalam).

According to the legend, Kerala was ruled by a king called Mahabali. He was a very kind king and during his reign all the people were happy and there was no poverty, no theft, no cheating. By seeing this lord Indra became jealous and thought that the king would be regarded as a lord. So he went to lord Vishnu and asked him for help. By seeing this lord Vishnu, disguised himself as a small boy called Vamana. He went to King Mahabali and requested him to give 3 steps of land for him to live. As King Mahabali was a very kind person, he told Vamana to take the land. Vamana enlarged himself and grew big that he could take from heaven to earth within 2 steps. For the 3rd step the king offers his head. Vamana placed his leg on Mahabali's head and send him down to another world called Patala. Lord Vishnu gave permission for one day, to king Mahabali to visit his loved people and this day is celebrated as Onam.

Onam is a kerala festival celebrated by all the people irrespective of religion. It lasts for 10 days starting from Chingam (august - september). We have an elaborate lunch called as Onasadya on Thiruonam day with rice and approximately 13 to 15 side dishes. It is served on banana leaves and people sit on the floor to have it. The meal ends with kheer (payasam).

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