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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Chennar Payesh / Paneer Payesh

This kheer or Payesh is so tasty and yummy that everyone would love it. The saffron added to this dish enhances the taste of the payesh. This tastes very close to 'Rasmalai'.

If you have some left over motichur ladoo or milk peda (saffron flavoured), there is an easy way to use up these sweets. Crumble these sweets and add it to the milk while making this kheer/payesh. The taste is awesome and yummy...Try it out and you will love it....


For making Chennar:

½ liter Milk
2 tbsp Lemon juice

For making Payesh: 

1 liter Milk
½ cup Sugar
A pinch Saffron (optional)
6 – 7 Almonds and Pistachios (blanched and slivered)
Chennar or 100-120 gms Paneer


  • For making Chennar: Boil ½ liter milk in a pan.  When it starts bubbling from the sides, add lemon juice and keep stirring till the milk curdles. Take off from heat and strain the whey through a muslin cloth. Immediately dip it in ice water, till it is cooled completely. Squeeze out the excess water. Transfer the chennar into a plate and mash it using your fingers. Keep this aside.
  • To make the payesh: Boil 1 liter milk in a big pan. Stir continuously. Scrape the sides in between.
  • When the milk is reduced to half the quantity, add saffron and sugar. Mix well till the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Add mashed chennar and chopped almonds and Pistachios. Mix well and switch off the flame.
  • Cool and serve.


  1. Instead of making chennar, you can use store bought paneer. But I prefer making chennar at home.
  2. This payesh/kheer tastes good, if chilled.
  3. If you need lot of bite in the kheer, add bit more of paneer or chennar.


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  1. Yummy Nimmy. One confusion though 500 ml of milk will only yield about 80 grams paneer but should we use 250 grams store bought paneer?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sorry, I somehow mentioned the wrong quantity of paneer. I am changing it right away... Thanks for pointing out. :)

    You can use 100 - 120 gms of Paneer.

  3. Paneer Payasa sounds like a great idea. Would be ideal to try for Deepavali :) Nice presentation, Nimmy :)

  4. Who can resist to this beautiful bowl,inviting chennar payesh.