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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Milk Peda | Doodh Peda | Paal Peda | Chocolate Milk Peda


My daughters love milk peda a lot and mummy used to buy them pedas whenever possible. They are so much addicted to it :)

I am a regular viewer to Jeyashri's Blog and i just love the simple and traditional recipes that she put up in her blog. When i saw the milk peda recipe in her blog, thought to give it a try and wanted to surprise my kids. These sweet little cuties came out perfect and tasted awesome. Thanks to Jeyashri for sharing the recipe.

My kids loved it a lot and my little one has a big sweet tooth. She just loves any thing sweet. Always I have to hide sweet stuffs from her :)

I made chocolate milk peda too. Decorated each one of them with some chocolate chips on top. Try out this instant and easy recipe and let me know....

Recipe Source: Jeyashriskitchen


2 cups Milk Powder
1 Can Condensed milk
2 tbsp Butter or Ghee
2 tbsp Cocoa powder (if making chocolate peda)
1 tsp Cardamom powder

  • In a non-stick pan, add condensed milk, milk powder and cardamom powder. Mix well to remove any lumps. It should have a thick idli batter consistency.
  • Place the pan on low flame and add butter or ghee.
  • Mix well till it leaves the sides of the pan and becomes a soft ball.
  • Switch off the flame and keep aside to cool.
  • Grease your hands, rolling pin and the base with little ghee or butter.
  • Place the soft milk peda ball on the base and roll it just like we roll for making roti.
  • Roll it to the desired thickness and using a cookie cutter or a bottle cap, cut the milk pedas in your desired shape. You can even roll it between your palms to give a round shape.
  • Serve and enjoy with your loved ones...

  1. If you want to make chocolate milk peda, add cocoa powder while mixing condensed milk and milk powder. Rest procedure is same as mentioned above.
  2. Remove the mixture from heat immediately when they start leaving the sides and become a soft ball because it thickens a bit while cooling down.
  3. If you feel that the mixture is more thick, add little bit of milk to it and knead well.
  4. This stays fresh for about 1 week if refrigerated.

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  1. My kids r crazy of pedas...esp the milma ones...bookmarking this!

  2. Looks awesome.. A lovely platter lined with such a wonderful & beautiful sweet !! Lucky gals :)

  3. Can i get those chocolate pedas, they are just killing me.

  4. Thank u thank u thank u soooo much for the recipe chechi.. shall try it pakka!