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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hometester Club - Unbiased Ratings and Reviews of New Products

I am a person who love to try out new products that hit the market. I usually come to know about them either through TV or through news paper. When i visit the store, i would try to buy that new product thinking that the new one tends to be an improved product.

However, it is difficult to buy all the new products as it is heavy on my purse and moreover it is like gambling. I don't mind spending money on good products. But you exactly don't know whether the new product is reliable, good or worth the money you are spending on it. This often restrained me from buying the new products.

Recently, i got a mail from Home tester Club about a business enquiry with bloggers. Till that date, i had not heard about this website. I thought to have a look at it and came to know that it is a website which provides free new product samples; and is the largest online community of shoppers to test new products and for sharing unbiased and uncensored rating and reviews.

I was interested by seeing their website and straight away became a member. I called them back in the number they had mentioned in the mail and they told that they would like me to post about their website and as a token of appreciation they would be sending me a mega gift hamper. 

I thought there is no harm in posting about an interesting and reliable website where in people get an unbiased review about the new products and which in turn will help them in choosing the right product. 

I waited for the gift hamper, but didn't receive the gift nor any mail from them for about 2 weeks.

But after some days, they called me to confirm that they are sending me the mega gift hamper and i will be receiving it within 2 days. As told by them, i got the gifts on the 2nd day. I was so excited to see the new products which i received. Here's the picture of the new products that i received from them...

I used the product and again visited their website. I saw many users like me who had received the product samples, talking about the product. I also participated in the rating and reviews section and gave my honest feedback.

I also read about many other new products and now i am sure that whenever i want to know about the new products, I will just log on to http://www.hometesterclub.com/

I thank Hometester club for sending me new product samples to try out. I am happy to post about this interesting and informative website on my blog. I am sure, this article will be a great help for you all who like to buy new products like me.

To become a member of Hometester Club, you can log on to www.hometesterclub.com/ind for free and get their free product samples to test and share their feedback.

Join the largest online platform for new products feedback with me.

Note for all bloggers: If you are interested in a business relation with Hometester Club, please mail to deepesh@hometesterclub.com and Amit.Kumar@buchanangroup.com by mentioning my name. They will guide you regarding this.

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  1. Congrats and am so happy for you. Am heading to the site to check out the details.

    1. Thanks Navaneetham for stopping by... U will definitely like the website.