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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chocolate Cups

Chocolates are enjoyed both by young and old. I am also a great fan of chocolates.

Now a days, iam completely addicted to chocolates (not to eat), that i am trying different ways of presenting them. It is really awesome to play with chocolates. If you have ideas, you can make your imagination come true through your creativity.

When i was young, i used to imagine all weird things like, if the pencil with which i wrote would become a chocolate pencil, if all the things around me would be made of chocolates....oh god...i was so silly...Iam sure, many of you might have had such silly imaginations, right?

But its true that many things can be made using chocolate. Just put in your imagination. I saw couple of shows on how to decorate using chocolates and that's how i thought of trying it by myself.

So friends, i started off by trying to make chocolate cups....It was really fun making them and when i saw the finished chocolate cups, i was so happy, so proud that at last some of my childhood dream has come into reality.

Its so easy that even a kid can make it. Iam posting the method here. Try out your imaginations with chocolate and tell me what you made and how it came out....

  • First of all, we have to temper the chocolate. Don't be afraid about the term "tempering chocolates". It is a refined term for "melting the chocolate". Don't add anything to the chocolate, just cut the chocolates into small pieces and either use a double boiler or melt it in a microwave oven, micro mode - power high for 1 minute. Take out from oven and stir nicely, so that if any pieces of chocolates are left, it would also be melted.

  • Take a cupcake liner/wrapper and pour some of the melted chocolate in the centre. With a spoon or brush (use only a new one, not the one which you use for painting :) ) spread the chocolate on all the sides, so that the entire cup's inside is covered with chocolate.

  • Keep this in a freezer for 5 minutes. You can see that the chocolate is set. Do the same procedure once again for a second coat.

  • Again keep it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Take out and carefully, peal out the cupcake liners. You may be able to take out the cupcake liners without tearing it.

  • Yea!! you have made a chocolate cup !

  • You can put in your favourite ice cream or some fruits or even a chocolate mousse in them and serve.

  • Enjoy!!!

I served the chocolate cups with some coffee ice cream and decorated with some chocolate shavings on top

The recipe for Coffee Ice Cream is already posted. Click on the Menu Card in the tab, for easy access to my recipes.

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