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Monday, 13 February 2012

My Kitchen - My World Of Flavours

A quick tour through my kitchen..................:-)

This is a place where i experience sweet, sour and flavourful journey from morning till night. Moreover this is the place where i am the BOSS.

This photo of my kitchen was selected as the winner for 'Clean Kitchen Contest' conducted by Scotch Brite. I got a gift hamper from them.

Mine is not a big kitchen, but not that small also. I like all the masalas and the frequently required ingredients to be within my reach. So i have kept the masalas, oil, tea, coffee, sugar etc in the cabinets near the gas stove.

Plates, vessels etc are kept in the cabinets below. Actually, I have an option to keep the spoons in the draw below the kitchen top, but i am forced to keep them in a big mug on the kitchen top itself, as my little daughter Dhanya is so naughty that she takes them for playing and when iam in need of them, they are not to be seen in the draw. :) I have to roam around searching for them... mostly find them in her toy box....

I love all my kitchen appliances....but one of my favourite is my microwave oven. I keep on trying different recipes in this. I just love it. Another recent addition to my kitchen family is the vegetable chopper. For a long time, i was thinking of buying this. But was not sure whether it will be useful or not. Finally, decided and bought an Inalsa Vegetable chopper. I was not wrong, it works really great. Helps me save time while cooking. If you want to be smart in kitchen, use the appliances which will save time and makes your work easier "if its within your budget" ;)

                                         My vegetable chopper

                                   My favourite IFB microwave oven

You can see the bread toaster on the left hand side of the oven. The electric hand beater (another favourite), measuring cups, daisy silicon muffin mould and some accessories that are used in microwave oven, in the cabinet below. Bowls and baking trays are kept in a separate cabinet as i have less space in this one.

So that's it friends...this is my world of flavours....my kitchen....

Hope you all loved my little wonderful space where i do all my experiments....

My recipe tasters are my husband and my kids...sometimes my mom-in-law and father-in-law....Thanks to them for encouraging me....

Thanks for visiting
Happy Cooking!!

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