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Notable Newbie Award

I have received the Notable Newbie award from BlogAdda. Thanks to BlogAdda for recognising my work and for their support.

Liebster Award

I was out of station and when i came back, i was surprised to see that i have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award.

What's Liebster Blog Award? I searched in web, but couldn't find an exact definition. What i could understand is that it is a German word which means 'Favourite'. So it is a 'Favourite Blog Award'. It is to highlight blogs with less than 200 followers. This award is like a recognition for the good work the person has put in through the blog.

I am thankful to Ms. Kriti Kandhari who found my blog capable of receiving this motivational award. She is the author of the blog 'Expressions of Heart'  at http://kriationkriti.blogspot.in/ I don't know this person, but by visiting her blog i could understand that she is a wonderful person with lots of expressions which she put in through her poems and sketches.

There are few rules for receiving and passing on this nomination further. Kindly read the points mentioned below carefully:

  • Kindly thank the person who nominated you and acknowledge him/her by mentioning their blog link for the same.
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
  • Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated.
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post. 
  • Go to their blog and inform them about this by commenting on one of their posts. 
  • Don't tag back the person who mentioned you.

So here it goes:

11 things about me : -

  1. Iam a home maker with two sweet daughters.
  2. Iam a person who loves cooking.
  3. Loves music and sings too.
  4. I like to make friends.
  5. Loves to experiment different types of food.
  6. I love my family a lot that i would do anything for their happiness.
  7. I love chocolates and ice creams a lot.
  8. I am a caring and a loving person and i try to be the best mom to my daughters.
  9. I like to read books.
  10. I like people to remember me as a nice person.
  11. I think i am a good listener and so i like to hear people talk.

Answers to the questions put forward to me : -

1. What is that one passion in your life you will do anything for?

Ans:   My passion is cooking.

2. You love writing? Mostly yes…Why writing is so important for you?

Ans:   I love to write. I just scribbles whatever comes into my mind in a dairy or a book when i am in a sad mood, just for me. It is the best way to put down your emotions in paper. Loosens your mind and gives strength too.

3. If life had nothing to offer, what would you create? 

Ans:   I would have created food to survive.

4. Is there any inspiration in your life? (person, thing, event)

Ans:   My Sister

5. As a blogger, what do you look forward to in other blogs?

Ans:   To be simple and easy to understand.

6. Critically, what do you think my blog actually conveys?

Ans:    Your passion towards poems and drawing. Iam not a good critic :)

7. Describe Love in three words…( no sentences, 3 individual words)

Ans:    Care, Understanding, strength.

8. Do you like first penning down something in your notebook before posting? Reason?

Ans:    No, I write directly in my blog.

9. Describe writing in a sentence?

Ans:    Iam not a writer. Iam a food blogger. So can't describe it well.

10. If you had to give away any one habit of yours for someone, what would it be? (For whom?)

Ans:    To have patience. I would like to pass on this habit to my daughters.
11. Everyone dreams. Is there any one dream you remember, and would like to make it real someday?

Ans:     Dreams are many.

Here's the list of the blogs which i would like to nominate for this award and i think you all deserve this. Keep up your good work and enjoy!!

  1. South India Food Recipes :  http://www.southindiafoodrecipes.blogspot.in/
  2. Tiffin Carrier Antic/que's! : http://tiffincarrierantiques.blogspot.in/
  3. mycreations : http://latha-mycreations.blogspot.in/
  4. Ammaji Recipes : http://ammajirecipes.blogspot.in/
  5. From My Own Kitchen : http://frommyownkitchen.blogspot.in/
  6. Beena's : http://cookingatmayflower.blogspot.in/
  7. Achu's Amma's Kitchen : http://achusammaskitchen.blogspot.in/
  8. Flavors from my Kitchen! : http://cooking-unplugged.blogspot.in/
  9. Gujarati zaika : http://gujaratizaika.blogspot.in/
  10. Cook like Priya : http://cooklikepriya.blogspot.in/
  11. Cookwell : http://prabar.blogspot.in/

Here's the questions for you all : -

  1. What's your favourite dish?
  2. Which dish do you think you cook best?
  3. Have you joined my blog? If Yes/No, Why?
  4. What is your ambition in life?
  5. What is the simplest and easiest dish that you have made?
  6. Who is your idol in cooking?
  7. Define food?
  8. What does cooking mean to you?
  9. Which dish that you made, gave you a 'WOW' from your friends or family?
  10. Your favourite dessert?
  11. What is your fear in the kitchen?

Congratulation to all of you !!!


Liebster Award
I have received this award from some of my blog friends - 
Preeti Jaipal author of Kitchen Delicacies,
Amallia Eka Widyastuti author of Physalis Peruviana,
Divya Shivaraman author of Dishing,
Rafeeda A. Raheem author of The Big Sweet Tooth
Thanks a ton to all of you for selecting my blog for this awesome award.






I was on a vacation and when i returned, i was welcomed with loads of Liebster awards from many of my blog friends...Thanks a lot friends, for recognising my work and supporting me.

I received this award from:
  1. Jagoda S author of Cooking With Blueberry
  2. Sajina Bishar author of Sajus tastes
  3. Sapana Behl author of Cooking with Sapana
Thanks once again....



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