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Friday, 1 February 2013

Caramel Custard

I had prepared this dish when i was in school. My first attempt in kitchen. :)
I still remember, i had got this recipe from one of my friends in school and i asked my mother whether i can make it. She readily agreed and helped me using the gas stove 'as i was too small for using it'. Those days microwave ovens were not there and i prepared this in a pressure cooker. It really came out awesome and i still remember when i turned the pan upside down, i was praying that it should come out well. The appearance of this dish itself is a feast to your eyes. I was so proud that day and we all enjoyed it.

But i was surprised! because till today, i have not prepared it after that first attempt. I must say that i entirely forgot about it. 'Better late than never'. I made it again and it tasted awesome. If you want to describe this dish in one sentence, the best would be 'a melt-in-mouth dessert'.

I made it in individual servings, so that it is easy for my kids to enjoy. They were happy to see the golden-yellow-brown wobbling custard and enjoyed it a lot.

You might be knowing how to make this dish, but just wanted to share the recipe....if you are new to it. I tried in both methods ie. using pressure cooker and microwave oven. Both of them came out equally good. Check out the pictures...


3 tbsp Sugar for making caramel
3 tbsp Water
500 ml Milk
3 Eggs
1/4 cup Sugar (adjust sugar as per your taste)
1 tsp Vanilla essence

  • For making Caramel: Take a pan and add sugar and water. Keep it in low flame and allow the sugar to melt.
  • When it turns brown colour, take off from heat.
  • Pour it in the pan in which you want to make the caramel custard.Spread it in the pan and keep aside.
  • In another bowl, add eggs and sugar. Beat well till the sugar gets completely dissolved. Now add milk and vanilla essence and mix well.
  • Strain it and pour on to the pan in which we have spread the caramel. Don't mix.
  • You can either place the pan in a pressure cooker or in a microwave oven to cook the custard.
  • Method using a pressure cooker - Pour little water in the pressure cooker. Place the custard pan in it. Close the lid of the cooker, but don't put the weight. Let it simmer for sometime. Check in between whether the custard is cooked or not.
  • Method using a microwave oven - Pour little water in a baking tray. Place the custard pan in it and place in the oven - convection mode - 190 degree Celsius for 30 minutes. Check in between. Once done, take off from the oven and let it cool.
  • To de-mold the caramel custard from the pan - Slightly push the edges from the pan using a spoon, as the caramel custard will be stick to the sides. Place a plate on top of the pan. Turn upside down, slightly pat the top and gently remove the pan. 
  • Caramel custard is ready to be served. You can prepare individual portions using small pans.

Caramel custard just out from the pressure cooker

Caramel Custard made using Pressure Cooker (upside down)

'Just out from the oven'

Caramel Custard using Microwave Oven (upside down)

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Happy Cooking!!


  1. Lovely.
    And I just love it when it goes jiggly jiggly :-)

  2. Really a melt in mouth desert...yummy..looks perfect!

  3. Those days microwave ovens were not there and i prepared this in a pressure cooker. It really came out awesome and i still remember when i ... microwavepressurecooker.blogspot.com

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